All About Wood Cabinetry

All About Wood Cabinetry

While in the old days ordering a set of cabinets was a very risky and tedious business, it has evolved by leaps and bounds these days, and getting a hold of your favorite wooden cabinets is now easier than ever. There are many manufacturers and cabinet craters which are willing to sell entire sets of cabinets for under $3,000 (of course, as usual, the price depends on the materials used as well as the quantity of cabinets needed, and their size).

Most manufacturers these days do not slack off when it comes to delivery times, usually making it somewhere between two and four weeks… in most cases, people find that they can place an order on their cabinets and have them installed in less than a month. Also, selecting a company near you will shorten the travel time even further, and it might take even less than a week to get it all to you.

The greatest disadvantage in the eyes of many when ordering cabinets online is the fact that they don’t come with a knowledgeable expert ready and willing to install them; this is because of the rising demand for wooden cabinets, which means that they need to be produced in massive quantities to cater to the consumer’s demands. This leaves most homeowners with only two options; either hire someone to perform the installation, either do it yourself. Most cities around the world these days harbor many different construction professionals who are willing and able to perform all the necessary work in your place… if the money is right that is.

All About Wood Cabinetry

Wood Cabinetry
If you are not satisfied with what you see on display at the markets, you can always choose to have a cabinet crafted according to custom specifications, which are usually specific to the area where the cabinets will end up… it goes without saying though, that having a piece of furnishing shaped and molded into the exact item you have always wanted to see will cost you more money than simply going for a stock product.

If you are changing out your cabinets, you have a wealth of decisions to make. Should you go with semi-custom cabinets? Would it be better to have them completely custom made for your home? Do you want thermo foil cabinets or are wood cabinets better? Actually, the most important decision to make is the material used in your cabinet construction. While metal and thermo foil are both viable options, wood cabinets are the choice for more and more people. Why is this the case, though?

Wood Goes with Everything

Unlike stainless steel and other materials, wood cabinetry can go with almost anything. You’ll be able to easily fit them in with your preferred style and design, whether you want a French country look or you prefer a shaker style. Different wood types certainly fit better with certain design styles, though. For instance, you might prefer dark cherry or walnut if you want a formal look. The last reason to to choose wood as your construction material is that with the right care, they can last a lifetime.

Woodworkers Challenge Building Foosball Tables

Woodworkers Challenge: Building Foosball Tables

There are a lot of great foosball tables on the market today, but some people just like to do things themselves. My husband is one of them, and once researched making a foosball table for our family.

The first thing that Jeff did was look at high quality foosball tables, play on a few of them and decide what features he liked best. This is what he came up with:Center ball return on both sides of the tableOff center serving holes (the holes are off center to the center line, this way the serving side serves the ball slightly closer to their own men.)Textured surfaceThick side wallsThe table has to be very solid and sturdy, weighing around 350 pounds, this way the table will not move when play gets exciting. A 3/4″ plywood works best, it is heavy and less expensive than solid wood (especially a heavy hard wood like maple), though even it will still need to be doubled up in areas. Besides birch plywood and particle board some other basic materials that you will need from your local hardware store include wood screws and glue, nuts and bolts to attach the legs, four adjustable table feet, a sheet of plexiglas to cover the play surface, clear spray adhesive, hinges, and some veneer strips for giving the table a finished look.

From a foosball store (easiest found online) you will need 13 foosball men each in two different colors, rods and bearings, handles, a high quality ball, and play field trim strips. The rods and handles are probably the most expensive single purchase, running up to $300 (which can double the final price of your foosball table) depending upon the quality you purchase. If you can salvage any of these parts from an old table, you can save quite a bit of money.


Woodworkers Challenge: Building Foosball Tables

Woodworkers Challenge  Building Foosball Tables
The dimensions of most foosball tables are very similar. Here are the basic dimensions for making your own table.Table length, width and height: 55.5″ x 30″ x 36″Play field size: 48″ x 27″Play field depth: 4.25″Side walls: 1.5″ thickBack walls: 3.75″ thickGoals: 8.375″ x 3″ (with rounded top corners)Rods: 6″ apart from center, 3.125″ up from surfaceGoalie rod: 3″ from back wallIf you are a woodworker, then most of the construction can easily be figured out. There are only two parts to the table that may need a bit of explaining. The first part is the ball return, and the second is the play field. The lower and upper halves of the foosball table are made separately and then assembled together with hinges so the the ball return can be accessed if necessary. With a ball return on both sides of the table, there is a simple “L” shaped ramp going from each goal to its respective return (the person who is scored on gets the ball).

The table top play field may take a bit more explaining. The base is 3/4″ particle board with a paper playfield attached on top (either draw your own or you can find plans online). Then using the clear spray adhesive, secure the 1/8″ plexiglas on top. Some people like a smooth surface, but many of the top tables have a textured surface which makes for better ball pinning. To texturize the surface, use 60 grit sandpaper to roughen up the plexiglas. This gives you a great play surface for around $30, but if money is not an issue, you can put out about $250 and purchase a play field.

Well, that is the basic information for building your own foosball tables. Jeff likes drawing up his own plans, but you can find more detailed instructions online if you do not enjoy that aspect of woodworking.


Few Stain Colors To Choose From For Your Wood-Mode Cabinets

Few Stain Colors To Choose From For Your Wood-Mode Cabinets

Most people are purists when it comes to wood cabinetry. They believe that wood cabinetry should never be painted. They should only be stained in different shades of natural tone. However, the number of owners who want to experiment a bit with colors on wooden cabinets is rapidly increasing. More and more people, these days, prefer to see how wood can be transformed, sometimes dramatically so. Though, it has to be noted that many homeowners fall somewhere in the middle. It is hard not to admire the natural beauty of wood. It manages to impress even when the wood has been left unadorned.

Then again, it is equally difficult to ignore the beauty of uniquely colored stained kitchen cabinets. If you are a resident, you probably already know that brands like Brookhaven and Wood-Mode are quite preferred by homeowners. The reason behind the popularity of these brands is the amazing quality and durability of their products. The designs of the cabinets are also eye-catching. Did you know that these brands offer a great variety of wood types, hardware, and finishes? Most popular finishes include stain, opaque, designer color palette and distressed. You can also choose a completely customized finish for your kitchen cabinets. Before you go for a customized finish, it is important to know that not all finishes are perfect for all types of décors. Thus, you would need to figure out which finish will be the best for your décor. In case you want to opt for Wood-Mode cabinets, here are a few ideas that may help you select a cabinetry stain.

Few Stain Colors To Choose From For Your Wood-Mode Cabinets

Wood Mode

Soft green

Soft green is perfect for kitchens which are spacious and airy. Since the color is soft, it looks natural. The result can be beautiful, unique and fresh.

Dark gray

Dark gray is gorgeous, deep and rich. In case, you are fond of modern custom kitchen cabinets’ designs, this color will be the perfect choice. It also pairs well with stainless steel accents and marble backsplash.

Silvery gray

Silvery gray can help you to add depth to your cabinet designs. This is an uncommon color and allows the cabinets to retain a soft, light and neutral look. It can be used in small kitchens as the lighter tone can make space look more open and slightly bigger.

Deep red

Red stained cabinets definitely make a bold statement. Adornments should be kept to the minimum in a kitchen that has bright red cabinets. Remember that dark shades can make a space look somewhat smaller. Thus, this color is better suited for bigger kitchens.

Greenish black

Greenish black looks best on wood that has strong linear graining. You can add a few highlights in white or aqua blue to keep the decor from looking too dark. Not all stain hues will look good on all types of woods. Each wood type has its color and features. For example – Cherry has a natural reddish hue while Pine is whitish. Some woods mature with time and their hues get darker. If you are not sure which color will be best for your Wood-Mode or Brookhaven kitchen cabinets, consult experienced cabinetry designers. They will be able to suggest a variety of colors, which will greatly enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

The Popular Types of Custom Wood Doors You Should Know

The Popular Types of Custom Wood Doors You Should Know

World’s incredible access to high-quality lumber means that you have a huge selection when it comes to installing new doors in your home. Here you will know many different attractive wood doors, and focus on their various characteristics and advantages. We’ll also mention a few less common wood types for those who want something different or exotic. Also you will be able to choose the best wood to use for your custom wood doors.

Cherry: A distinct choice that stands out from the ordinary, Cherry wood offers a fantastic range of different colors, from a light brown to a darker rich red. Another big attraction of cherry is the detailed, wavy and consistent grain patterns. This makes it an excellent choice for a light stain, which allows the wood’s grain to shine through – which is very popular for interior custom wood doors at the moment since it goes perfectly with prominent wooden furniture.

Alder: An excellent choice for doors with heavy stains or finishes, alder is a comparatively soft hardwood. Frequently a knotty wood with a light red tone, it’s a good choice for the contemporary-rustic approach that is currently popular. Custom wood doors made from alder will last for decades!

The Popular Types of Custom Wood Doors You Should Know

Wood Doors

Mahogany: Perhaps the most famous of the luxurious hardwoods, mahogany is known for its straight and tight grains, its distinct reddish color, and the luxuriously soft finishes it yields. Indeed, mahogany can yield some of the most important doors available, and it’s a fantastic conversation piece. The wood lends itself to quality craftsmanship, and a well-maintained piece of mahogany furniture can last a lifetime.

Cedar: One of the most popular kinds of wood among craftsmen is cedar, which is a much sought-after softwood due to its natural endurance. The grain designs vary widely, and the wood usually highlights a golden-red hue. Similar to mahogany, cedar excels as a substance for exterior doors due to its natural rot and water resistance. This makes it the popular choice for custom wood doors in cities where heavy rainfall is common.

Oak: Oak is one of the hardest and densest woods commonly used for household doors. Oak tends to have wavy and open grain patterns. Stains are very familiar with oak doors, as they concede the wood to look its greatest. Oak is an incredibly durable material, and it’s notable for being resistant to shocks or damage. With appropriate levels of craftsmanship and woodworking, items made from oak can be passed through generations. In museums, it’s common to see items made from oak that look as good today as they did when crafted centuries ago.

Walnut: One of the most beautiful hardwoods available, walnut offers exceptional contrasts between exceptionally light wood tones and the rich, dark, almost black shades that the heartwood can reach. Grains typically express themselves as light streaks of color everywhere the wood. Walnut offers one of the most attractive finishes, and can be a great exotic touch for your home.

Custom Wood Doors Look Great in Any Home

There is something for everyone thanks to the huge variety of options for different kinds of wood. No matter if you want a home that looks rustic or modern, warm or sleek, modern or traditional, there’s a type of wood that will look great in your home.

What’s more, regardless of what you choose, many homes frequently feature exposed wood trims, cabinetry, or other elements that make the natural wood tones a popular choice and rest assured that any wood can be painted or treated to suit your unique decor.

Interesting Facts about Exotic Wood Cabinetry

Interesting Facts about Exotic Wood Cabinetry

There are new trends and styles on kitchen remodeling that are introduced every year. Finding a style that won’t outdate fast is not easy. But there is one type of wood that is perfect for your cabinetry that will never go out of style. The exotic wood is a fine solid wood that will make your kitchen cabinets last for decades if kept under maintenance. The exotic woods are imported from Central America. The exotic wood are more appealing and with good quality as compared to American Walnut, Alder, Oak, Redwood, Pecan and Maple.

The exotic wood cabinetry has its own unique characteristics that give the wood personality. Here are some of the characteristics of exotic wood:

Exotic woods have black streaks that look like sharpie marks. These marks can run form curly flames to tiger stripes.This type of cabinetry has animalistic figure. You can see bodies and animal eyes throughout the exotic wood cabinetry figure.Burl compressed swings and tight swirls in the wood. This part brings the most focused in the wood creating, curls and healthy knots.It has sound knot on its surface, which shows there is no sign of decay.The unsound know found at the pith center is the part where the branch is attached.Exotic woods have holes produced by insects around 1/16 inches.It has check marks, faint but thick lines that are found near the heartwood.Exotic woods have mineral-like gum streaks that can be found in Jatoba.The heartwood of exotic woods is darker in color and tighter in grain.The sapwood of exotic woods appear as white to ivory colored parts that grow from inside the bark tree most of the time on the edges.


Interesting Facts about Exotic Wood Cabinetry

Interesting Facts about Exotic Wood Cabinetry

Species of Exotic Woods

Exotic wood cabinetry has wild figure depending on the wood species. If you prefer radical figure and you don’t mind spending a lot of money, you can consider the following species of exotic wood cabinetry:

Amazon Rosewood (Dalbergia Spruceana)Bocote (Cordia Gerascanthus)Cocobolo Rosewood (Dalbergia Retusa)Honduran Rosewood (Dalbergia Stevensonii)Panama Rosewood (Dalbergia Tucurensis)Ziricote (Cordia Dodecandra)

You can also get radical figuring from less expensive exotic woods. The intense figuring exotic woods are harder to get and more expensive but the durability and quality are unmatched as compared to domestic hardwood cabinetry. Here are some of the less expensive species of exotic woods that you may consider for your kitchen cabinetry:

Granadillo (Platymiscium Yucatanum)Jatoba (Hymenaea Courbaril)Macacauba (Platymiscium Pinnatum)MonkeyPod (Samanea Saman)Peruvian Walnut (Juglans Olanchana)Tigerwood (Astronium Graveolens)Tropical Mahogany (Swietenia Humilis)

These lovely hardwoods for cabinetry would provide elegance to any kitchen that will blend well with your interior. You can combine it to any type of flooring and countertop. Using exotic wood cabinetry would bring out the best in any type of kitchen. You can use this type of wood in Victorian, Rustic, Contemporary, Asian, Art Deco kitchen design. The popular species of exotic wood for carpenters and homeowners is the Granadillo. This species has a rose-like scent and is very light perfect for an eye-catching kitchen cabinets.